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Award-winning lenses – available now!

At Emslie Optometrists, we work closely with leading suppliers to source the latest in product innovation and lens personalisation.
We are very excited to announce that one of the new lenses we offer has just been awarded the prestigious 2017 Silmo d’Or prize for Vision. 

Developed to address the challenge of multi-tasking in a 24/7 connected world, Essilor’s Varilux Xclusive 4D™ lens allows you to seamlessly capture every detail with high precision whilst adapting your vision from one near object or digital device to another, and beyond, without constantly adapting your posture or moving your head. Featuring breakthrough Xtend™ technology, Varilux Xclusive 4D™ progressive lenses provide outstanding sharpness, continuous vision and fluidity from near to far.

Using our state-of-the-art Visioffice device we can offer high tech personalisation to further enhance your visual experience. We use 7 measurements, including the way you wear your lenses, your posture and visual behaviour, to ensure your lenses are fully personalised and unique to you. 

Adapting to your Varilux Xclusive 4D™ lenses is quick and easy. Why not ask us about Varilux Xclusive 4D™ lenses and lens personalisation next time you visit? We look forward to telling you more about the benefits of this innovative award-winning lens