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What our clients say

We take great pleasure in helping our clients and providing the very best levels of customer service that we can. We are always keen to hear what you think of us, especially if you feel that we can improve in any way.

Here’s just some of the feedback we’ve received…

RW, Pixham, Surrey

Six years ago, a group of us were admiring a friend’s new prescription sunglasses from Emslie Optometrists. New to the area I made an appointment.

I have had fashionable glasses ever since, along with professional eye care by Mrs. Emslie whose watchfulness and accurate record keeping were key to my referral via Dorking Hospital to East Surrey for painless laser eye surgery. The condition – which has now been permanently corrected – has the potential to take a person’s sight (sometimes overnight) without warning.

I am very grateful that I was part of that conversation six years ago and for the high standards of all at Emslie Optometrists.

Mr T J K L, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Harley Street, London

Catherine Emslie has worked as an Optometrist in Dorking for some years now and has a staunch local following. She has established herself as an excellent opinion and a careful refractionist. She has certainly picked up some rather subtle early glaucoma problems that, had they not been detected, would have led to trouble – and, more recently, similarly has picked up some retinal pathology that required treatment urgently to prevent detachment.

There is no doubt about her diagnostic abilities and skills.


What our clients say